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1-800-FLLawyer is a legal marketing company with one extraordinarily effective product. 1-800-FLLawyer is the single most effective and cost efficient marketing tool; this in not a pay per call or diluted and shared legal advertising service. Your law firm continues to control your advertising dollars and advertising program.

Our system is not only different but also unrivaled. One attorney in each territory (the entire Broadcast TV Market) will get the 1- 800-FLLawyer Advantage! Broadcast TV markets are huge – they are broken down territorially by the Neilson group to cover an entire advertising demographic. There are only 210 such areas/territories in the United States, and just 9 areas/territories in all of florida.

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Why you should do business with 1-800-FLLawyer

  • 1-800-MyLawer is the most effective & cost efficient marketing tool!
  • Communicates quality, integrity & trust
  • Unforgettable & incomparable telephone number recall
  • Exclusive to one firm in an entire demographic area – no competition
  • Branding distinguishes & identifies your firm
  • Total control of your advertising and marketing – all calls ring directly to you
  • Optimize your responses and visibility of your ads