• Is this going to cost me anything?

    1-800-FLLawyer (1-800-355-2993) is a toll-free number, so we pay for the call. Whether you dial 1-800-FLLawyer or fill out a form on our website, there is no cost for the initial contact. The majority of Lawyers offer a free initial consultation. When you first make contact, ask the firm about its specific cost policy.

  • If I call 1-800-FLLawyer or fill out a form on the website, am I obligated to use that Lawyers?

    No. Calling 1-800-FLLawyer or filling out a form on the website does not constitute a lawyer–client relationship. You determine whether you want to retain the services of the law firm you contacted.

  • What if I just have a question?

    Call 1-800-FLLawyer. Without asking questions, you won’t be able to determine if you need an Lawyers, and the attorney won’t be able to determine if you have a case or need legal services.

  • What if the Lawyers doesn’t practice the area of law that pertains to my legal matter?

    The law firms associated with 1-800-FLLawyer are typically comprehensive in nature and have extensive referral networks. If the Lawyers you contacted doesn’t practice a particular area of law, he or she may refer you to another firm that does.