About Us

Our mission at 800FLLawyer, LLC, is to provide the public with a simple, quick and confidential way to find a Florida lawyer and get legal help while providing selected Florida law firms with an exclusive lead-generation tool that is the most recognizable brand in the legal vertical: 1-800-FLLawyer.



In 1989, Kenneth Wiesen of 800 My Lawyer, LLC obtained an exclusive license to use and promote the telephone number and corresponding URLs, including, without limitation, the right to sublicense of the telephone number and corresponding URL, in designated territories in the U.S. and Canada.

800 My Lawyer, LLC, is now positioned to powerfully market the 1-800-FLLawyer brand. For the public, it’s never been easier to find a lawyer. For the Florida legal community, selected law firms now can have exclusive access to the most memorable brand in the legal profession:

800 My Lawyer, LLC
1 Old Country Road  Suite 360-B
Carle Place, NY 11514
Phone: 1-888-315-2111